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Ultrasonic cleaning applications

The ultrasonic cleaning itself is superior to other physical or chemical cleaning and cleaning of the There is nothing comparable to this. It is widely used in industry, services, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory, mechanical industry, hard alloy industry, chemical industry and other fields, the individual industry brief introduction. 1. Application in service industry In the daily production, the glasses and jewellery can be cleaned with ultrasonic, and the cleaning speed is fast and no damage. Large hotels, hotels use it to clean the tableware, not only good cleaning effect, but also has the effect of killing the virus. 2, the application of ultrasonic in the micro powder industry As we all know, to get different sizes of particles, is the crushing material in the ball mill, after grinding, through different sizes sieve layer screen layer. The screen is used for a long time, the mesh will be blocked (such as diamond, sieve) by other methods (such as artificial brushing will damage the screen cleaning liquid, washing and soaking) effect is not ideal, after testing many manufacturers after ultrasonic cleaning, not only damage the screen, and the screen above the clogging particles was completely recycled. 3, the application of ultrasonic in the pharmaceutical industry Ultrasonic cleaning technology after the application of many pharmaceutical companies and has been widely used, especially for cleaning infusion bottles, vials, ampoules and cleaning of medical devices, has been approved. For bottle type cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning technology is used instead of the original brush machine. It is realized through flip flushing, ultrasonic cleaning, inside and outside washing, air drying and other processes. 4. Cleaning of filter core by ultrasonic As we know, no matter what material filter or whatever the use of filters, after a period of time, will be due to impurities caused by the decrease of permeability and scrap, ordinary filter and low price, can be used as consumables frequent replacement, but for the chemical fiber industry, an inlet filter, the price of nearly a million, abandoned unfortunately, our ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the core customer specified requirements of R & D and manufacturing, using the principle of ultrasonic cleaning, energy concentrated cleaning, using cluster cleaning way to achieve the cleaning effect. It greatly saves the cost of energy and production. 5. Cleaning of metal by ultrasonic As everyone knows, the metal material after processing after forming, the external metal workpiece often has a layer of carbide film and oil, acid cleaning or other cleaning methods, is very difficult to remove dirt, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a continuous positioning and design according to the actual needs of the production, efficient cleaning equipment, washing part by the cleaning liquid storage tank circulating pump, filter, transducer, and supporting pipeline system, metal workpiece by crude ultrasonic washing, washing, after drying and other processes, so as to complete the whole cleaning process. The integrated control of the whole equipment is simple, convenient and effective. It is widely used in bearings, radiator, radiator, shock absorber, auto parts, medical devices, instruments, lenses, printed circuit boards, silicon wafers and wafers. 6, ultrasonic cleaning technology by dipping or spraying technology in anti rust, phosphating, Dacromet, coke Emmett coating application in the treatment of general workpiece products antirust processing, and its pretreatment process is very important, the traditional process is generally on the workpiece processing using acid solution, for the serious pollution of environment is poor. The working environment at the same time, the biggest drawback is the complex structure of the residual acid pickling after the parts are difficult to clean, and the discharge can not meet environmental requirements. After the anti rust treatment of the workpiece, the time is not long, the corrosion phenomenon occurs along the seam, and the surface of the coating is destroyed, and the appearance and internal quality of the product are seriously affected. The application of ultrasonic cleaning technology to the pretreatment of coating can not only rapidly exfoliate the dirt on the surface and cracks, but also ensure that the coating is strong and will not rust. Ultrasonic cleaning is available in all walks of life. The above are only representative industry applications, and many new industries and fields can use ultrasonic cleaning. It is looking forward to the joint exploration and exploration of the majority of users and manufacturers.