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Commonly used cleaning process

Cleaning means cleaning the liquid and solid contaminants on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece can reach a certain degree of cleanliness. The cleaning process is the interaction between the cleaning medium, pollutants, workpiece surface of the three, is a process of complex physical and chemical processes, cleaning not only with the nature of the pollutant, type, morphology and adhesion, and the cleaning medium is related to the degree of physical and chemical properties, cleaning performance, workpiece material, surface state, with the cleaning conditions such as temperature, pressure and additional ultrasonic vibration, mechanical force and other factors. Therefore, the selection of scientific and reasonable cleaning process must be analyzed.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic vibrator box installed in the cleaning tank, ultrasonic energy shock waves (thousands of atmospheric pressure), will be washed clean all the way.

Dipping wash

To join in the cleaning tank cleaning fluid, will be washed material impregnated with cleaning method.

Jet cleaning

On the side of the tank will be in a liquid jet cleaning fluid, by cleaning fluid mixing power (physics) to promote clean.

Vacuum cleaning

To produce negative pressure in the cleaning tank, due to the reduced pressure, detergent can infiltrate the wash of the gap between.

Rotary cleaning

The rotary device is installed in the slot, and the cylinder body is rotated and the cleaned object is stirred. More with jet, ultrasonic washing combined use.

Spray cleaning

Install spray tube inside the cleaning tank, cleaning fluid spray to the cleaning in the gas phase content, pressure 2-20 KGF/cm squared.

The jet cleaning

Spray suction box installed in the rinse tank (multiple straw), the cleaning fluid with gas injection to wash on cleaning method, pressure for more than 20 KGF/cm squared.


In the cleaning chamber install a brush and have special parts bearing or jig, in detergent dip or spray cooling at the same time, mainly by mechanical friction between the brush and workpiece cleaning, as the primary effect of cleaning, directly.。

Spray cleaning

The spray tube is installed in the washing tank, and the detergent is attached to the cleaning method in the gas phase. Lack of pressure - above 2Kgf/cm.

The throw-up cleaning

Cast in the groove installation mechanism, load wash, make up and down movement within the sink, and flow, ultrasonic washing combination.